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Are you a technology and innovation enthusiast?  Would you like to take advantage of your talent working in agile mode with the best Open Source platforms and the most innovative Cloud infrastructures for Enterprise market?

We give you all the instruments that can help you improving your capabilities and find your perfect place in an innovative company, always in step with the latest technology. 

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In Sourcesense you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in internal projects or directly by our clients, with a constant focus for R&D. 

Our job positions are open both for italian and english offices.

We can accept only PDF curricula and containing the authorization to process personal data pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003 and to art. 13 of the EU Regulation 2016 / 679.Our job offers are addressed to both male and female personnel, pursuant to Law 9 December 1977, n. 903.

[SSS-JSC] – Java Senior Craftsman

We are looking for a Java Developer who has a good experience in working on complex projects with Java Enterprise on scalable server side systems and in high reliability. The profile is completed by the interest in the language technological evolution and what is around that.   

Skills needed 

  • Deep knowledge of Java 7-12, JavaEE
  • Experienced using of Spring framework
  • Use of build tools (Maven, Gradle)
  • Messaging systems knowledge (RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, Apache Kafka)
  • Comfortable with REST protocol
  • Knowledge of non-relational databases (MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4j, Redis)
  • Knowledge of Functional Programming e Reactive Programming
  • Use of unit testing tools (JUnit, Mokito)

Skills wanted

  • Experience with Enterprise Information Management tool and customization on Liferay, Alfresco e Crafter platforms
  • Experince on Enterprise Search systems (Solr, Lucene, stack ELK)
  • Experience on distributed systems based on microservices (Domain Driven Design, Spring Cloud, Kubernetes, Openshift)
  • Development experience on Android
  • Experience on other JVM languages (Scala)

[SSS-BDS] – Big Data Enthusiast

We are looking for an enthusiast of big data technologies and with a mindset for "will this run over a 100x bigger dataset?". The person has to be familiar with distributed systems and has to know the meaning of  “network latency”

Skills needed

  • Knowledge and experience with Hadoop stack and in particular: Spark, Hive, HBase
  • Proven experience with SQL
  • Deep knowledge of the Apache Kafka platform
  • Experience with data cleaning and data movement pipelines
  • Experience in software development with Java and Scala languages
  • Knowledge of NoSQL database (MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.)

Skills wanted 

  • Knowledge of  Cloudera platform
  • Knowledge of SparkML
  • Development experience with Python language 
  • Public Cloud services knowledge and use (AWS, GCP, Azure) linked to BigData/ML 

[SSS-JSF] – Javascript Funambulist

We are looking for a passionate Javascript developer who pays attention to the continuous evolution around this language. 

Skills needed 

  • Deep knowledge of ES6 and later
  • Deep knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Good knowledge of responsive design framework (Bootstrap, Foundation)
  • Good knowledge of at least one reactive framework (ReactJS, AngularJS, Vue.js)
  • Building/transpile Systems (Grunt, Gulp.js, webpack, Babel)
  • Knowledge of RESTful architectures 
  • Use of GIT

Skills wanted

  • Experience on Server Side Rendering Java (JSP/JSF) and/or templating systems (Thymeleaf, Velocity, Freemarker)
  • Comfortable with Flux Pattern
  • Knowledge of Node.js

[SSS-DON] – DevOps Ninja

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer with a proven experience in this role-bridge between systems and deliveries, now mandatory in complex architecture projects. We are looking for a passionate person, that embraces the Infrastructure As Code philosophy.

Skills needed 

  • Deep knowledge of *nix environment 
  • Experience in a programming language (Ruby, Python, GO)
  • Deep knowledge of GIT
  • Comfortable with containerization and Docker 
  • Comfortable with virtualization and Vagrant
  • Knowledge of configuration management tools (Chef, Puppet, Ansible)
  • Knowledge of CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Bamboo)

Skills wanted 

  • Experience with cloud platform (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Knowledge of container orchestrator (Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, OpenShift)

[SSS-ATL] – Atlassian Magician

We are looking for an Atlassian Expert (we are Atlassian Platinum Partner), both for administrative and development area. You will work on the management, customization and optimization of these products either on internal set up or by our customers. Moreover, you could also contribute to the evolution of plugins already published on the Atlassian Marketplace, as well as to the creation of new ones.

Skills needed

  • Knowledge of the administrative area of ​​one or more of the following products: Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Crowd
  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes (CI/CD)
  • Knowledge of agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban)

Skills wanted 

  • Software development capabilities and good knowledge of Atlassian SDK for plugin development
  • Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript ES6
  • Knowledge of the most used add-ons (Script Runner, Timesheet, etc.)

[SSS-ALS] – Alfresco Specialist

We are looking for an Alfresco Expert (we are Premier Partner), both for administrative and development area. You will work on the management, customization and optimization of Alfresco Solutions either on internal set up or by our customers.

Skills needed 

  • Deep knowledge of Alfresco Architectures (Repository and database, SOLR/Lucene, Alfresco subsystems)
  • Ability to customize repository (content modeling, AMP, transformations, event models, embedded workflows, rules and actions)
  • Ability to customize interfaces (YUI, Aiaku, Alfresco Share UI)
  • Knowledge of the Alfresco API (REST, Foundation Services Javascript API, CMIS , webscript)

Skills wanted

  • Knowledge of Javascript
  • Experience in software development with Java language
  • Deep knowledge of *nix environment
  • Knowledge of SQL language

[SSS-MLS] – Machine/Deep Learning Clairvoyant

You will work on Big Data (Hadoop) and Machine Learning projects for our customers and on internal activities aimed at a countinuous process of improvement, research and development. You will attend meetups, national and European conferences during which you will have the opportunity to present your improvements to the ML community.

Skills needed

  • Strong theoretical basis (elements of statistics, probability, mathematics, NP problems, optimization methods)
  • Solid theoretical basis of Machine Learning (linear and non-linear regression and classification, clustering, ensembling, boosting, neural network architectures)
  • Practical knowledge of Linux, Python and GIT
  • Practical knowledge of at least one scientificif computing framework (ex: NumpyScikitPandas)

Skills wanted

  • Practical knowledge of at least one Deep Learning framework
  • Practical knowledge of at least one data visualization library
  • Practical knowledge of at least a cloud provider

[SSS-SLE] - Solr Expert

We are looking for a person who is familiar with the technologies around Search and Data, and careful on the continuous ecosystem evolution around this area.

Skills needed

  • Good knowledge of Search area and ability to discuss it with customers, by guiding them in their choices, for example
    • Inverted index: functional and performance features 
    • Precision/recall
    • Faceted search
    • Suggesters types
    • Clustering
  • Deep knowledge of Solr functionalities, such as 
    • Queries
    • Suggesters
    • Solr cloud
    • CRUD
  • Excellent ability to design a search service, for example 
    • Knowing how to quickly evaluate which features have the greatest impact on performances and communication skills   
    • Realistic load test design capabilites 
    • Server size capabilities for the search service 
    • Tuning ability to meet performance requirements 
  • Ability to manage and guide the customer in Solr administration
    • Backup/restore
    • HA and Disaster recovery
    • Monitoring
  • Ability to develop customizations on Solr 
  • Search components, update processors…
  • Good knowledge of Java and good debug capabilities 

Skills wanted  

  • Knowledge of ElasticSearch
  • Knowledge of Python