Easy Cloud for Atlasssian FAQ

What does SOURCESENSE do?
Sourcesense takes the pain out of hosting any Atlassian products on your own servers and provides a cloud solution for everyone looking to get all the advantages of a professional system within minutes and with zero effort.

Is there a free trial?
Yes, you can try our service for 30 days for free, no strings attached. After that, you have to turn your free instance into a paid one to able to use it again.

Why should I choose SOURCESENSE?
We’re an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Partner with years of practical experience of delivering these services both on premise and on the cloud. Unlike others, we provide full access to all features and plugins for all Atlassian products – hosted on best-of-breed clou infrastuctures, meeting highest standards in privacy and security.

Do I need to renew my license when/before it expires?
License renewal is included in the Easy Cloud offering. Sourcesense will take care of renewing your license on time and with no hassle.

How much does a renewal cost?
License renewal is included in the Easy Cloud offering. No additional fee needs to be paid.

Can I pay via invoice?
Yes, you pay in advance, monthly or annually. Additional discounts are applied to 3 year contracts, please ask fro details.

Can I pay via credit card?
Yes, payment via credit card is possible worldwide via PayPal.

What about additional support services?
With Easy Cloud solutions, Sourcesense provides customers with a 360° end-to-end support services. From inception to operations we every aspects of the lifecycle of a system: from requirements collection to design components to plugin selection to performance tuning to user day-by-day support to instance administration.
Sourcesense is the one-stop shop for all things Atlassian.

What about support plans?
Support plan is based on the level chosen, the support fee will be bundled into the overall fee.

Do you guarantee a minimum availability of the service?
Based on the SLA chosen.

Where are the servers located?
The instance will be located in a redundant and professional data center of our certified business partner. Wa are available to start a certification process of any ISP of your choice.

What types of servers are used? Physical or virtual servers?
Virtual servers. Every instance gets its own paravirtualized OS with its own database. Instances are completely isolated from each other.
What are the system/hardware specs?
Based on the size chosen. Please ask for any additional requirements.

What OS are you using?
We’re using Linux in a private cloud with high availability storage.

How fast is the internet connection for the server?
The servers have a 1 Gbps down/uplink.

What database are you using?
MySQL, which is running together with your application instance on the same server.

Which versions are used?
The latest release available, our templates are updated monthlyish. Please ask for special requirements like supporting old release.

Do I have Administrator privileges on my software products?
Yes, of course. If you choose the Easy Cloud Administration Pack, some restrictions appliy. Please ask for special needs.

Do I have (root) access to the OS/server?

How much storage/traffic is included?
Based on the size chosen. Please ask for any additional requirements.

Do you do backups?
Yes, daily, but only for paid instances and for the sole purpose of recovery. Backups are permanently deleted upon instance termination.

You can do manual backups and download that backup as documented by Atlassian.

Can I import my data from Atlassian Cloud?
Atlassian has made this pretty hard. Please get in touch with us so that we can assist you. Please note, this support is not for free, but will be billed by time and materials.

What about system (security) updates?
System updates are installed automatically and are free of charge, of course.

Still have questions?
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