Sea ParkWing portal SEA choosed Sourcesense for developing their ParkWing portal

ParkWing is the first online portal dedicated to the parking lots of Italian airports, arises from the common need for different airports of Italy to enclose in a unique name the superior quality of their parking supply.

The goal of SEA was to give users the ability to recognize unique and instantly the most authoritative and reliable service in the industry.

ParkWing is designed as an innovative platform and administered by an airport manager to give each user the option to purchase on the web its own parking inside the airport for departure, in a simple, fast and convenient way.

Thanks to our experience in the field of ECM and WCM we designed, implemented and published it using Crafter CMS as the core platform, it is a technology based on Alfresco platform.

Authoring application easy to use
We have adapted Crafter Studio to the editorial needs of their contributors allowing their daily work of managing web contents immediate, easy and fast.

Page templating
We have designed and implemented all the page templates for letting easy the creation of new pages in a structured and coerent way.

In-Context Preview
Crafter CMS was extended for showing the web content contextualized with the entire website.

Back-end applications
Sourcesense implemented all the back-end applications in fact going to organize orchestrated and clean so all the business logic in a dedicated architectural layer and integrated with the WCM platform.

Integrations with all the enterprise systems
Each system involved in the payment process was integrated with Crafter CMS. Our wide experience with Alfresco allowed us to integrate all the data streams in a very short time and considering all the different systems.
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