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MLCS Documentation Multi Level Cascading Select (MLCS) is a add-on for the Atlassian Jira that models a new custom field. The new custom field allows you to have a cascading select with a multi level selection.


Issue creation and edit
Creating and editing an issue with a Multi level Cascade custom field value is really a simple task. During the creation of an issue is possible to select from a multi cascade list the options for the current value.


Editing a value is possible through the InLine edit feature or through the normal issue editing interface. To carry out the In line editing, simply point the mouse on the Multi Level Cascade Select value in the issue view screen and click for editing:



To use a Multi Level Cascade value to search issues, in the Issue Navigator add your MLCS custom field to the input filter for the search. A multi select cascade list will be loaded with the list of configured values:


Select the desired value and trigger the search.


1) if you select “Any” for the first level, “Any” will apply to all the levels and the search will return all the issues that have any value for our custom field. Issues with no custom field value will be excluded from the results.
2) if you select “none” for the first level,”none” will apply to all the levels and the search will return all the issues with no value selected for this field. Any issue having any not null value for the custom field will be excluded from the search results.
3) if you select a list of options that ends with a “none” value, the search results will include only the issues with the exact value of the custom field that corresponds to the list of options in input.
Example : I1= 1.1.1, I2=, I3=
Search : 1.1.1
Results : I1
4) if you select a list of options that ends with a “Any” value,the search results will include all the issues with the exact value and all the issues that contain children of that value.
Example : I1= 1.1.1, I2=, I3=
Search : 1.1.1
Results : I1-I2-I3

A MLCS field can be used in gadgets and reports, like the filter statistics or the pie chart gadgets:
We support Multi-Level Cascading Select. You can visit the support site to get help.


MLCS can be installed either from the Marketplace or as a jar.

Log in into Jira as an administrator and go to Administration > Plugins > Find new Add-ons.
Write “Multi Level Cascading Select List” in the search box and then click on “Buy now” or “Free trial”.

If your Jira instance cannot access to the Marketplace, you can the download of the package here, and upload it through the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager in the Jira Administration section: Administration > Plugins > Manage Add-ons > Upload plugin.

If you are upgrading from versions < 3.0, you need to rebuild the JIRA index.

To create a new Multi Level Cascading Select List field, go to Administration > Issues > Custom Fields > Add Custom Field:


and select the Multi-Level Cascading Select field type. Add name, description, context and then select in which screens you want to add the field.

To add values to the field, select Configure from the field list:


and then Configure Options.

After you’ve added the values for the first level, To add new options as children of an existing one, click the Configure link and start adding new options:



It is possible to configure multiple levels:

You can select a default value for the field, clicking on the link Configure Default Value:

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