Company Sourcesense is a market leader for the system integration of enterprise-grade solutions based on key Open Source technologies. We design, build and operate end-to-end services for your clients on premise or on the Cloud infrastructure of your choice.

Sourcesense has a unique mix of knowledge and experience to offer a real balance between Open Source and traditional, proprietary solutions, taking the concept of Open Source to a new level of pragmatic and quantifiable advantages for the enterprise.

Sourcesense provides full coverage of Open Source needs for enterprise-class customers: we help corporations understand and adopt Open Source using a comprehensive strategic consultancy approach, and we are continuously selecting proven Open Source technologies that we directly support and integrate.

The Sourcesense team is value-led. We have a strong team with hundreds of combined years of experience in Open Source technologies, and we add that value as an immediate, measurable advantage to our clients.

The Open Source is based on two pillars: people and collaboration. Valuable people who create value, collaboration matures communities and creates additional value. Sourcesense respects these principles. We strongly believe that the collaborative methods typical of communities are changing production processes even within companies.

For a developer, there is no better place than Sourcesense to grow and to shine. Our approach to Open Source is pragmatic: we use proprietary components when the solution to the problems of our customers requires it, but it is the attention to the fundamental pillars of Open Source to guide us. For this reason, we encourage our developers to participate in and contribute to organisations such as the Apache Software Foundation.

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2016: It's time to rebrand
Pro-netics is celebrating its first 15 years. Pro-netics is built on solid foundations and provides high-value projects for our clients. The consolidation of existing brands into one is a natural step in our growth path. Sourcesense is the brand (the only one from now on!) that embodies our values and experience. It's all about the culture of doing, sharing and innovating: from the start we have always been on a quest for new challenges.

2015: 1st time ever
For the first time in our history, Northern Italy revenues overtake the ones from our traditional market. It was an amazing year in the UK too: we are working hard to grow our international operations at the same level in the next two years.

2014: Pro-netics invest in Liferay
Pro-netcis extend its value proposition adding Liferay, IoT and cloud skills through the acquisition of i3 Group, one of the three Liferay partners in Italy.

2013: Targetting northern Italy
According to the corporate business plan, Pro-netics invests to widen its presence in the northern Italian market.

2012: Riacquisto del marchio Sourcesense
Pro-netics buy back the Sourcesense brand for the Italian and UK markets from the international shareholder, Hippo acquires the brand for the Dutch market.

2011: Pro-netics invests in JBoss
Collecting skills and experience from the various companies of the group and from Quanam, a renowned JBoss solution and training partner, Pro-netics focus on the Red Hat technologies and become premiere partner.

2010: Agile
XPeppers was founded in Trento as spin-off dedicated to the adoption of the Agile Methodologies in the enterprise market.

2009: Semantic Web
Pro-netics finalised a commercial agreement with Asemantics, a company focused on semantic technologies, to buy its R&D department. Thanks to the agreement, Pro-netics participates in the EC research project called NoTube.

2008: Mobile web and WURFL
Luca Passani, founder of the WURFL Open Source project, joined the company and the “mobile web” became part of the Pro-netics offering.

2007: Sourcesense goes international
Thanks to the interest of new international shareholder including Hippo, Sourcesense opens offices in The Netherlands and United Kingdom and start to play a leading role with Open Source in the European market.

2005-2006: the Sourcesense project
Sourcesense Italy was founded in Milan as spin-off of Pro-netics for the Open Source activities. Sourcesense is dedicated to the support professional Open Source products.

2004: Luminas
Pro-netics bought the majority of shares of Luminas Ltd, the British company of Orixo, in order to provide services in the United Kingdom.

2003: Towards the community
Starting from the fact that Open Source is an international movement base on active participation and strong commitment, Pro-netics hire, as CTO and Community Engineer, Gianugo Rabellino, a Vice President of the Apache Software Foundation.
Pro-netics is a co-founder company of the Orixo Foundation, an European consortium of SMEs, focused on supporting Apache technologies in the enterprise market.

2001: Pro-netics was established
Pro-netics was initially founded in Rome to promote the adoption of the Open Source software in the enterprise market. Making sense of Open Source
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