Since 2013 we have been active in building services for the IoT world based on Open Source software (mainly JBoss middleware and WSO2), operating on cloud platforms, gathering data from the real world and making related analytics available.

With the aim of providing a pay-per-use service, the application is designed according with the best practices from the API economy and related monetisation engine.

We focus on two different scenarios:

Brands and Retailers
We develop low cost Linux embedded network appliances able to discover all the smartphones around (distance can vary from two meters to 80 meters) with wifi switch on (even if not connected) and a cloud platform that collect data from them. Information about users population and their habits are made available to the retailer that can activate market campaigns to engage its customers. Learn more

Smart cities
We have built a platform for planning and optimisation of uber-like transportation in the city. The platform is currently applied to two different use cases: goods distributions with hybrid vehicles for retailers and food distributions to homeless people for charity organisations.

We increasingly support clients in the development of their customer-driven services using Open Source building blocks on Cloud infrastructures with a DevOps approach to achieve business agility from service creation to service operation in a SaaS fashion.


What is IoT?
IoT is the short form of Internet of Things. It is the name of the technology that enables IP address enabled sensors to perform a specific task of measuring a certain unit and potentially respond to input and create a response through other connected mechanisms. Other terms such as Internet of Everything (IoE), Internet of Devices (IoD) and so on are just variations of the main term IoT.

How consumers can benefit from IoT?
Consumers will benefit from a the plethora of internet enabled devices helping do tasks better, more efficiently, measuring and monitoring devices, changes, and overall helping in deriving more value out of everything we do in their daily lives.

How companies can benefit from IoT?
No matter what business is, market sectors will be penetrated by IoT devices: logistics, energy, consumer goods, healthcare, name it and there are applications (many of them even today) that are internet connected and can perform various functions.

What are the predicted Trends?
Gartner estimates that by 2020 there will be 26 billion devices connected to the Internet. What experts believe is that, as new technologies create more intelligent devices and other “things”, our lives will be increasingly recorded through data, which will measure how we use these “things”.
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