We participate in the development of solutions that helps our clients to grow their businesses. Our core value is to nurture long-term relationships with our customers both to keep them happy and to have fun collaborating with them.

Our passion for open source technologies and agile methods allow us to optimize our development costs while ensuring the highest quality standard of the solutions we implement for them.

Would you like to receive some indications about which product and add-on you could use and do you need tips about the sizing of your system? Do you want to know timing and cost for integrating platforms provided by our technology partners with your enterprise systems?
Ask us what you need, we are your one-stop shop for all your needs related to the world of Open Source

Subscription/License selling & sizing
You can buy subscriptions and licenses, where it is available also throught download or cloud, we can manage renewals or upgrades for products provided by our technology partners. We can also manage any request for evaluating or customizing platforms, specifically related to our partners but generally for any Commercial Open Source platform.
We can help you during the sizing of your architecture considering your services in terms of how to mix vendor capabilities and the specific context related to your requirements (number of users, concurrent users, number of managed contents, …) also considering the setting of your environments (development, test, quality assurance and production).

Products selection & Add-on
It frequently happens that a solution consists of more than one product offered by vendors as well as add-on available on the marketplace and developed by third parties.
We can help you to select all and only the components (products and add-on) you need to make your service operating, advising you on the best combination for both efficacy or convenience.

Integration with third-party software
Is your solution based on Open Source components that needs to integrate with custom systems or proprietary software?
Our wide experience in integrating Open Source software will simplify the maintenance and it will reduce timing/costs of releasing in production your software.

Installation and tuning
Our experts, skilled and certified, work on services for installing, configuring and performance tuning for solutions, on-premise and cloud, based on our technology partners platforms and, more in general, on Open Source products oriented to the enterprise market.

Personalized development and Add-on
When the nature of your solution that you need to build has some issues such as: lacks of requirements (integrations with particular protocol, lacks of add-on for specific needs, …), we offer you a personalised development service. Use the skills of our experts for gaining the gap of functionalities and with costs abolutely competitive.

Upgrade & Migration
If you have decided to consolidate your solution migrating from the community edition to the enterprise edition, or if you upgrade your installation to cope with a more elevating load or a highly reliable configuration, our specialists are at your side to make the transition quick and painless.
The migration service is also available for those decide to replace a proprietary product with an Open Source technology provided by our partners: make it easy to both transparently migrate, ie by exposing the new system interfaces the same as the previous one, which to draw full advantage of the new platform capabilities ensuring full migration of data managed by the pre-existing solution.

We hold certified training courses, directly or via official oursourcers allowed by our partners. We also arrange ad-hoc training classes for your internal use and if you also need a specified training course focused on certification exams.
Contact us using the form in the bottom of the page for a quote.

Assessment, Best Practice and Consolidation
Do you already have a solution based on the products of our partners, but you are not satisfied with the performance of tenders or the cost function? With the service of assessment we evaluate your installation and, based on industry best practices, we will propose you a detailed plan of rationalization and optimization. These interventions, as opposed to tuning activities frequently have an architectural impact and typically act on the number and the nature of all the instances.

Operative Support
Do you have problems in the exercise of your systems? We offer operational support in and out of time base with 3 levels of SLA (Silver, Gold and Platinum), we put under continuous monitoring your systems and adopt all the best practices of the sector to put the system in service. Once under control, if you will, we will refund both the service and all the accompanying instrumentation and procedures to continue the exercise of your systems independently.

End-to-End Support
Do you have to bring to market a new service for your customers? Do you want to get there before your competitors? Do you want to see if the service works before internalize it in your factory? Then the end-to-end support service for you. All our experience and expertise is at your service: the service creation, the user esperience, the design, implementation, to exercise either on premise or on the cloud of a certified provider.

The end-to-end service guarantees you quickly (we have the government of the whole chain), competitive costs (the operating platforms and monitoring take advantage of economies of scale) and proactive support to maximize time-to-market, both at launch and in the phase of adaptation to market needs through analytics of user behavior and system operation statistics. If the service offers the expected returns, the end-to-end service also includes support to the phase of internalization of the solution.

If you then want to start off on the right foot, take advantage of our Kickstart program combining all our services, in just 5 days allow you to be immediately operational.
The program can be adjusted to fit your needs, and includes:
Requirements gathering, to better understand your needs, goals and current members to integrate and help to define the method of valuation;
Installation: if you have your environment you must only provide the hardware – we will take care of the rest! Configuration and integration of the system that meets your needs and integrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure;
Training for users, system administrators and developers, to ensure that your staff can start using your solution immediately.

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