Web Content Management
Sourcesense is the EMEA Partner of the Year 2014. We have vast experience building web content management solutions and have worked with a wide variety of CMS platforms. With Crafter CMS, we now have a smart, modern solution that delivers results with robust consistency not only in content authoring but also in high performance dynamic content delivery.


The combination of Crafter CMS expertise and our Open Source involvement creates a unique condition to easily develop innovative enterprise solutions based on Crafter products. Our long-term experience of enterprise requirements and needs makes us able to help you to push the performances of you instances to the limit.

We help companies achieve their goals with Alfresco products. Ask what you need, we are the one-stop shop for all your Alfresco needs.

You can get licenses from us either download or on the cloud, we can manage maintenance renewals or products upgrades or we can handle any request you may have evaluating or using Alfresco products.

Strategic Consulting
Align business goals with Crafter's capabilities. Best practices to create, personalize, and deliver multi-channel digital experiences. We can help plan your Crafter strategy and optimize your digital presence.

Implementation, 3rd party Integration, Upgrades
Ensure your implementation follows Crafter best practices. Integrate Crafter with Marketing Automation, CRM, analytics, e-commerce and more as needed to support your digital strategy.

Migrate existing content from legacy WCM repositories such as Adobe CQ5, Oracle, Open Text, Drupal, and others into Crafter seamlessly and easily. We have the tools and techniques to extract, transform, and ingest your content into Crafter efficiently.

Performance tuning
We provide tailored support to our customers for on-premise and cloud hosted solutions. Our dedicated support teams are highly-skilled and trained to help you when you need it most.
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Crafter Software enables the creation of rich and engaging websites, mobile applications, and multi-channel digital experiences.
Crafter’s solutions enable marketing, sales and support teams to author and manage content while harvesting analytics and data-driven insights to deliver engaging experiences across all digital channels - the web, mobile, social, and more.


Crafter Studio
Crafter Studio is the content authoring, management and publishing application that allows marketers and content editors to create rich web experiences. With a set of powerful and easy-to-use tools, content creators and managers can create timely content without any involvement from developers or IT administrators. The power of creating rich content and delivering dynamic experiences is in the hands of business users with Crafter Studio.
With Crafter Studio, marketers are able to create different personas of the target audience and deliver tailored content to individual users or groups, building an engaging experience across the web, mobile, and social channels. Using its native integration with Google Analytics, or by easily integrating a third-party web analytics engine, Crafter Studio analytics are used to optimise the site’s performance for SEO, conversions, and other relevant web metrics. Learn more

Crafter Engine
Crafter Engine provides high-performance content delivery services to power any type of web, mobile, or social application. Using content published from Crafter Studio, Crafter Engine delivers a fast, dynamic web experience to the site visitors. Learn more

Crafter Profile
Crafter Profile extends your website to help create personalised, engaging experiences with a full-featured user profile and account management capability. User profiles are a necessary component in engaging in a bi-directional conversations with your site visitors. Crafter Profile may be used as a standalone application that may be integrated with any existing web application, or may be used right alongside Crafter Engine and Crafter Studio as part of a complete web experience and content management solution. Learn more

Crafter Social
Crafter Social makes it easy to add social capabilities to your website, such as user-generated comments, likes, ratings, blogs, discussion forums and more. Total flexibility means that you are only limited by your imagination in how you can socially engage with your site visitors. Crafter Social may be used as a standalone application that may be integrated with any Web application that could benefit from social features, or it may be used right alongside Crafter Engine and Crafter Studio as part of a complete web experience and content management solution. Learn more

Crafter Cloud provides you a fully-managed, enterprise web content management solution - unrivaled in the industry for its performance, capabilities, and price. For a low monthly fee, you get the power and flexibility of Crafter CMS combined with elastic cloud hosting, 24x7 support, and ongoing upgrades and maintenance. Focus on building and optimising great digital experiences, while we take care of the rest. Learn more

Through a combination of instructor-led sessions, demonstrations and labs, attendees will learn how Crafter can be used to manage web content and deliver engaging visitor experiences. Learn more
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