Sourcesense is the value-added system integrator, committed to creating highly scalable data management applications that take advantage of the Confluent Enterprise platform and Apache Kafka in general.


We are the ideal partner to achieve every goal with Confluent Enterprise and Apache Kafka. Our teams are certified and skilled to successfully implement and serve solutions based on the Confluent stack.


We provide on-premise licenses or directly on the cloud. We manage maintenance renewals, product upgrades and any request for evaluation or use of Confluent Enterprise solutions.

Strategic Consulting
Our consultants will support you in the process of adopting enterprise-class Open Source solutions focused on intranets and extranets and based on modern and scalable functionalities.

Implementations, Integrations, Upgrades / Migrations

Our engineers provide architectural and development consulting services for each solution based on Apache Kafka and Confluent Enterprise. We develop solutions that easily integrate with your current Enterprise applications.

Performance tuning

We provide support to our customers for every solution based on the Confluent stack. Our support teams are highly specialized and certified to assist the customer during every part of the process.


Apache Kafka


Apache Kafka

Kafka allows the management of systems with a high number of real- time operations and clients, both in reading and writing.

Eterogeneous data can be collected through a scalable tool – in the order of trillions of messages a day – conveying all data to a single “flow”.

Apache Kafka  is able to perform all of the above with extremely low latency – in the order of milliseconds – along with high resilience, especially if compared to the needs of critical systems.

In terms of security, cryptographic and user profiling functions are available, in order to safely and thoroughly protect your data


Confluent Enterprise is the solution based on Apache Kafka providing companies a highly scalable, centralized tool to govern their data traffic.

Confluent Enterprise is designed to meet the stringent security requirements and provide administration and monitoring tools for Apache Kafka such as replication management between different datacenter or auto-rebalancing of clusters. Along with implementation of the canonical “fast pipe for data loading”, it is aimed at the creation of “stream” in order to provide mission-critical and real-time solutions.

Confluent Architecture

Streaming platform

We could say that Streaming Platform is the “central nervous system” for data, which connects data sources and different applications with the aim of realizing mission-critical solutions in real-time.The streaming platform is the basis of many services developed in different sectors such as financial (e.g. stock market) or medical, (e.g. handling of patients clinical data).Microservices in this area become fundamental as they allow full exploitation of centralised control and  flexibility, crucial features for the exercise of this type of application.

confluent platform streming


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