Sourcesense is now Verified in the Marketplace Atlassian!
Sourcesense is now Verified in the Marketplace Atlassian!

Sourcesense is one of the best performing vendors in the Atlassian Marketplace, for this reason we are proud to announce that we received the Atlassian Verified status.

The Atlassian Marketplace platform is an easy way to distribute and sell apps for Atlassian products. With the Marketplace you can access the market of Atlassian customers, sell and buy apps for Atlassian products, such as Jira and Confluence.

Atlassian introduces the Verified program to reward vendors who provide exemplary customer experiences.

This status aims to verify and encourage the customer experience by emphasizing the control of the timeliness of the support and the reliability of the vendors, so that a high level of customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.

As a Atlassian Verified vendor, Sourcesense can guarantee that users receive a sophisticated test and operation management solution that will aid their quality assurance efforts.

Being into Atlassian Verified Program means to gain recognaissance as producers of software which are reliable and provided with excellent standards of support.

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