Microservices Microservices... a great success!

On 30th May 2017, in the splendid location of the Unicredit Pavilion, Sourcesense organized: 'Microservices, a disruptive architectural approach'. The event was organized with the support of our technology partners Atlassian, Liferay and Red Hat and the media partner Next Value and saw the participation as testimonial of Cerved and Il Sole 24 Ore.

The interesting topic proposed registered “sold out”, forcing us, with great satisfaction, to close the subscriptions in advance.

Also the effective participation of managers, exclusively from large Italian and multinational companies, was really good, for a total of 100 attendees from about 50 different companies.

Microservices are the first application architecture born after the DevOps revolution, which blends perfectly with cloud adoption and fully exploits the practices of Continuous Delivery.

Resilience, scalability and real-time monitoring are the milestones. Micro-services are born as a new architectural style for the creation of autonomous, always available and capillary monitoring services.

Speakers' interventions, led by our moderator Enrico Pagliarini, followed exactly this trend.

We started by presenting Cerved, a true Big Data Company, that has chosen to embrace new architectural paradigms by reviewing its platform with microservices, embracing technological polyglottism and various NoSQL systems, just to be able to handle a large amount of data, which grow exponentially year after year.

Atlassian presented its suite, a great example of how a suite could include microservices technologies. Il Sole 24 Ore, on the other hand, presented how the process of renewing its core components was re-used, re-utilizing what was already developed but adapting it and making it ready for the new needs required by its reference market.

Liferay showed how, in non-complex contexts, one can still adopt the micro-service model without disturbing the context. Liferay introduced an open stardard to the portal, trying to mediate the micro-service approach, without growing too much inside complexity.

The closing speech was run by Red Hat, who explained OpenShift solutions for the construction and implementation of innovative architectures, fully adhering to the micro-paradigm paradigm.Great satisfaction for us, who led all the presentations, once again strengthening our values: technology, innovation and sharing.


Thanks to all those who contributed to this great success!


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