[:en]Great participation at Atlassian Roadshow organised by Sourcesense[:it]Straordinaria partecipazione all'Atlassian Roadshow organizzato da Sourcesense[:]
Great participation at Atlassian Roadshow organised by Sourcesense We want to thank all the participants in this edition dell'Atlassian Roadshow because thanks to you all we were able to involve different reality and to interact to discuss adoption and adaptation of the Atlassian suite.

The hybrid cut that we have given to this event considering the ALM environment, the Collaboration immersed within DevOps approach has been a great success, in fact reservations for the event went overbooked going above and beyond our expectations!

We take also this opportunity to publicly thank Marco Gloder of Borsa Italiana who kindly cooperated with us actively.

Gloder brought a very important case to the Atlassian suite sharing the experience in the Change Management area with all the participants at the event.

We also thank Soiel International for supporting us in organizing this event, and in particular Ruggero Vota, for having introduced and managed the initial open discussion and following the rest of the event flawlessly.

Our presentations used during the event are available in our SlideShare profile:

- Libera il potenziale della tua azienda e accelera il tuo business
Ruggero Vota, Giornalista ICT @ Soiel International

- Introduction to Atlassian: How to unleash the potential of every team inside your organization
Vlad Cavalcanti, Expert Partners Manager @ Atlassian

- Sourcesense success stories with Atlassian
Piergiorgio Lucidi, Technology Evangelist @ Sourcesense

- DevOps: the Atlassian way
Raffaele Verre, Architect and Atlassian Expert @ Sourcesense
Eugenio Marzo, DevOps Engineer @ Sourcesense
Alessio Biancalana, Software and DevOps Engineer @ Sourcesense
Marco Baldelli, Atlassian Expert @ Sourcesense


Thank you all for this great participation and see you at the next event! Stay in touch with us to discover our new events.

Take a look at the video! YouTube-icon-full_color-100

Atlassian Roadshow 2016

Piergiorgio Lucidi with Vlad CavalcantiVlad CavalcantiMarco GloderSourcesense Team
Sourcesense Team
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