The platform beFluid allows you to interact with the user, creating a unique path that combines both the off-line experience (the store, shopping center, public venue, etc) and on-line (web and e-commerce). Shall also be made available in real-time detailed information on the habits and behaviors of customers in order to improve the way to reach them and serve them, and, through the form of business insight, analyzes are possible complete marketing and focused.

How it works
The solution is offered in a as a service” mode, with a monthly fee related to the information and services that you want to enable, plus a starter kit, to complete the necessary amenities in the service depending on the activation:
Enable access: provide an access point or use an existing one;
Analytics: providing a probe wifi detection;
Tablet / printer: for allowing to complete the service Loyalty for the acquisition of points of the customer coupons.

The tariff plan is flexible and allows you to parameterize the proposal also inbase the size of the location to serve.

The formula ensures access to resources beFluid in the cloud, for the consultation of their data, no hidden costs. They are also possible customized formulas to meet the different needs and long-term plans.

In the case of WiFi components the device must be able to reach the Internet through a wired connection or communicate via mobile networks (3G / 4G).


The solution via mobile fits in all contexts in which you do not want shares resources among the company’s core networks and devices beFluid, ensuring the use of the service without any impact on the corporate network and its policy.

Each beFluid system communicates safely and encrypt data, which are then processed at the central platform.

The probe wifi (Local Device Access or LDW) collects the presence of all mobile devices (smartphones) and for the same detects the unique identifier; a fact that in any way identifies the person, respect for individual privacy, but that allows you to collect adequate information for statistical analysis. It is not necessary that the customers require network access because by extracting the MAC address of the device (it is sufficient that the active wifi) which passes within the WIFI coverage is already possible to gather valuable information.

The consumer can access the services Hotspot, or, if you use the app BeFluid can access other types of services such as proximity marketing, couponing & loyalty.

The Merchant instead can analyze the flow of people passing under the wifi coverage area. Among these it is included the frequency and seasonality of flows of persons within the WIFI coverage, detection of peak periods, feed conversion and attractiveness, hot areas and cold areas, and retention of data on a single site or more of related sites.

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