CRL Records Management Sourcesense implemented the new Records Management platform for managing acts of Regional Council of Lombardy.

The new system developed for CRL is entirely implemented from Sourcesense with all the backend application based on Alfresco repository that has been completely extended and tailored for their domain of interest.

The platform is a Records Management application based on Open Source technologies that easily allows to trace all the activities related to the Council.

Each type of document follows its own lifecycle accoarding to decisions taken by committees during the daily workflow.

Friendly user experience
Sourcesense implemented a brand new user interface tailored to the domain of interest of CRL that allows managing documents exactly as requested by the law.

Complex Content Modeling
The Alfresco content model was extended for adding new rules and components implemented by Sourcesense.

Security and managing permissions
Each user and groups was configured to guarantee the correct visibility and manipulation of contents related to the current law.

Advanced Search
The new system allows to search any content in the repository specifying the type of document or a single property value or a group of properties.

Dedicated workflow for each type of document
For each content type is available a specific workflow definition for enabling the collaboration among different committees on shared documents. This always ensuring consistency and accessibility to documents.
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