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Of course IT is there to assist the business achieve its goals; always looking for cheaper and quicker ways to deliver. Atlassian tools have a large part to play here. BUT now there is much focus on using cloud computing and SaaS as dramatic infrastructure and delivery methodologies to drive to cheaper and quicker much faster.

Atlassian is attuned to this and has its own cloud offering called Atlasssian Cloud. However this is at an embryo stage in terms of SLA and Plugin deployment. Doesn’t matter if you are a small business planning to grow, a large business planning to get bigger, or a business between these two, you definitely want to know that your cloud provider has no practical limitations AND is willing & able to provide training, consultancy and development to ensure that YOUR Atlassian suite is deployed optimally for YOU.

This is where Sourcesense comes in. As an Expert Platinum partner, Sourcesense offers a full range of services to extensively support your use of Atlassian (and other Open Source products) whether on your site on deployed in our cloud infrastructure.

Atlassian products are the state of the art tools for Team Collaboration, Issue tracking, Service Desk and DevOps. If you are thinking to get all the benefits of Atlassian products for your organization, you have the choice between Atlassian Cloud and downloaded instances.

The Smart Alternative!
How to get all the opportunity of a downloaded instance with the easiness of an hosted and supported platform?

Sourcesense Easy Cloud for Atlasssian…
Sourcesense will host the instances for you:
- we will work with YOU to determine the hardware configuration which best suit you, depending on user count and expected usage. Our engineers will help you to decide which one will be the most efficient and cost effective option
- we’ll deal with licenses purchase, installation, environment optimization for YOU
- we will work with or for YOU to configure and tune your instance
- our professional services can help YOU to customize the product, change the themes, identify useful add-ons
- our support team is an important and integral part of our service – there to deliver service to and for YOU
- YOU may choose to delegate to us your day by day application administration
- we offer custom training for YOUR teams to get started using the products

… with its 360° end-to-end professional support


Sourcesense Easy Cloud for Atlassian will allow you to unleash all the power of a downloaded instance without the Capex investment now and as it grows year on year.

Atlassian Cloud
Atlassian Cloud allows you to set up and start using your instance in just a few minutes for a monthly fee. It’s an easy and stress free way to get a single product or an integrated environment:
- no one-time licensing costs
- quick setup
- platform managed by expert Atlassian Engineers
- application support
However, given the nature of the service, an Atlasssian Cloud instance comes with some restrictions:
- only a few add-ons are available, out of the hundreds available on the marketplace
- no LDAP or Active Directory customizations: user management for large organizations may be an issue
- no theme customizations or tempting
- limited external data import
- impossible to set up an extranet or private network
- no custom domains: stick with yourname.atlassian.net
- no direct access to the database (for example: for reporting)
- impossible to change the email server
- no listeners, services and other automation features
- impossible to extend or modify the source code
- no scripting
- external Open Social gadgets cannot be imported
- limit to attachments size
Moreover, Atlasssian Cloud instances offer Application support, but do not offer professional services to help your organization to get the most out of the products.

Downloaded and “self hosted” instances
If any of the restriction listed above is a deal breaker for you, your other option is to download and host/run the products yourself. You can customize your instance as you please and have a complete control of it.
However, this comes with a cost:
- someone in your organization needs to learn how to install and configure new products that may not be the core of your business
- you need to define the architecture, sizing the hardware, tuning the environments, maybe with a trial and error process that can disrupt the work of your teams and lower trust into the newly adopted tools
- you need to change your organization to offer internal support: create projects, install plugins, investigate problems
- you may still need product support and training

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