Alfresco Slack Plugin
Alfresco Slack Plugin Collaborate and share with your Alfresco team sending notifications on your chatroom on Slack

1. Configure Slack for your collaboration site on Alfresco Share
With our Alfresco add-on, you can configure your Slack team on your Alfresco Share site:


2. Select contents applying an aspect
Apply the Notifiable to Slack aspect on all the contents that you want to track in the room:


3. Share with your team every changes in Slack
All the team members will receive notifications for every change on your contents:



4. Write your own scripts with the Alfresco JavaScript API
This plugin extends the Alfresco JavaScript API and it allows you to integrate Slack adding new Alfresco components for the following items in the repository:

- RESTful API / Web Scripts
- Actions
- Scheduled Actions
- Rules
- Workflow



Feel free to contact us for any request related to our plugin:

- Arrange an online demo
- Quote for subscriptions
- Improvements, integrations or customization



- Add the Slack configuration in the create site form (currently it supports the edit site form)

- Add support for more languages in configuration forms (currently it supports english and italian)

- Add the support for monitoring other content types such as: blog, wiki, data lists, calendar (currently it supports only the Document Library)

- Add extended methods in the Alfresco JavaScript API

Installation guide
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