Lucid Imagination is now LucidWorks

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We were waiting for it and now it’s here: Lucid Imagination is now LucidWorks. Read below the official communication by Shai Simchi, Technical Support Manager at LucidWorks:

Dear Sourcesense,

Today Lucid Imagination is launching its new website: and the company is now called LucidWorks.
With the launch of our new website we are also introducing our new knowledge center which is the centralized location for you to consume information about LucidWorks and its technologies.
In this knowledge center you will be able to search for knowledge articles, watch training videos, ask questions in the forum and submit tickets to our support team (granted you have the permissions to do so).
The home page for our support portal is (changing from
You can also access the knowledge center directly by going to (was
As this becomes available we are working on putting the content in it so we thank you in advance for your patience while we get up to speed.

Congratulations to our LucidWorks friends!

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